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Westinghouse Electric Company LLC is a US based nuclear power company formed in 1999 from the nuclear power division of the original Westinghouse Electric Corporation. It offers nuclear products and services to utilities internationally, including nuclear fuel, service and maintenance, instrumentation, control and design of nuclear power plants. Westinghouse's world headquarters are located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. Brookfield Business Partners is the majority owner of Westinghouse.

On March 24, 2017, parent company Toshiba announced that Westinghouse Electric Company would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of US$9 billion of losses from nuclear reactor construction projects. The projects responsible for this loss are mostly the construction of four AP1000 reactors at Vogtle in Georgia and V. C. Summer in South Carolina. Westinghouse filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 29, 2017. In 2018, Westinghouse was acquired by Brookfield Business Partners and some partners.

A former communications specialist says, "[Westinghouse] once enjoyed a rich history but new management and executives came in and destroyed all culture, employee engagement and enjoyment. Now people slog through days like zombies with no purpose. People are expected to work insane amounts of hours, give up all social and life balance with no return of job security or loyalty. Do not recommend."


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Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"This was a contracted and remote site that did not pay well. The boss was a wanna be cop with an attitude problem. The people that hired me had little to nothing to do with what happened on the job site.nonesee above"

Principal Engineer (Current Employee) says

"This ship is sinking for many years. Do you need to work during weekends or evenings? It is your problem, not ours. No pay. We need to layoff people because we do not have money: last year travel expenses $81 milliom...NoneEverything"

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have never had as many of my decisions second guessed in my working career. They call it a "questioning attitude" but in reality it is micro managing and not trusting employees to do their jobs"

Planner (Current Employee) says

"Unfortunately this company is mismanaged to the extent of embarrassment. Decisions not made based on experience. Extremely unprofessional and dismissive management style, poor communication, complete disorganization.NoneDo not take a job here"

Field Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"There is no reason why they are bankrupt. Very poorly run company from the top down. Lots of travel for low pay and the bottom line is all that they care about."

Machinist/Programmer (Former Employee) says

"I don't know anything about the new business at the site of the old company. The place was bought out and the name was changed a long time ago. It was bought out.air conditioningnot enough parking space"

Principal Civil/Structural Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Big company with huge resources worldwide.Lot of emphasis on quality control and assurance for nuclear safety. All technical work requires properly documented and saved for future reference.Ecellent company.Did not notice."

Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company once enjoyed a rich history but new management and executives came in and destroyed all culture, employee engagement and enjoyment. Now people slog through days like zombies with no purpose. People are expected to work insane amounts of hours, give up all social and life balance with no return of job security or loyalty. Do not recommend.Some peopleEverything"

Escort (Former Employee) says

"This is a very stressful place to work. There is no job security with the on going bankruptcy. Poor management throughout the company is causing it's demise."

Information Security Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company ever. People show up and there is no direction or leadership. management obviously does not know what to do - Toshiba has them by the throat.Nice building and cafeteriaeverything else"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I learned how toxic leadership trickles down and ruins moral and a once great company. The CEO walks the halls in shame and rightfully so for empowering and defending those who ruined the company. The executives blatantly lie about business affairs and are morally bankrupt. There is no accountability coupled with retribution, back stabbing, and no trust. A terrible place to work and should be avoided.A pay checkEverything"

Principal Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The management of Westinghouse has run the company into the ground (and chapter 11 bankruptcy). Worse still is that the culture of the company has become toxic."

Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"This was a great place to work in 2010. Since then, there have been layoffs and a continual stream of cuts to benefits that seems to never end. Co-workers are generally great. However, there are a significant amount of low performers that are not held accountable. Direct management is OK, but YMMV. My direct manager cares a lot about his employees, but clearly has no power to do anything. First line managers and managers of managers are clearly very scared of upper management amidst job reductions and do not appear to challenge them on anything. Upper management is out of touch with what is important. Engineers are leaving in droves in an industry that is very reliant on knowledge of its employees. Engineers are continually disrespected and is more or less a thankless job here. Most engineers think that with a soon coming wave of retirements, the lack of hiring, and insufficient documentation, there will be some very tough times in the next few years at Westinghouse, thanks to short sighted positions by upper management.They pay you on timeEverything else. Environment is the worst"

Senior R&D Engineer (Current Employee) says

"This company may be one of the best in the world for fabricating AC Motors, but when it comes to management, they lack severely. I was hired from Houston, TX, to relocate to Round Rock, Texas to work fort them. I moved my family 200 plus miles to relocate my whole family for this company. 4 months into the job, they begin laying off personnel in all departments and because I was one of the last to be hired, I was the first to go. They have more lay-offs planned as well. I was told however, that this layoff had nothing to do with my job performance. They were very impressed with what I was able to do in just 4 short months and we sorry they needed to do this. While this may sound nice, it's a direct reflection on this company as a whole. How a company that is over 100 years old was unable to forecast sales over a 4 month period or better the next year, prior to uprooting a family with a wife that does not work and 3 children 200 plus miles from family and friends is un-excusable. I would not recommend any engineer going to work for this company. I was a very experienced 30 year engineer with tons of experience and I am now, along with my family displaced because of poor management. I did not apply to this company. They approached me. Am I upset, Yes, of course I am, but that has nothing to do with how irresponsible this company was to not better look at their own potential over the next year."

QA Specialist (Contract) says

"The quality department management is terrible. The managers should in no way be "leading" others as they have the personalities of a stapler. rest of the company may be ok but just avoid quality. You get treated bad and work terrible hours."

Project Manager/Principal Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Unless you plan on working 60+ hours a weeks, getting paid for 40 hours, all the while being held under HR level of pay for your position, I don't recommend working here."

Manager,Title Withheld (Current Employee) says

"Iconic company with a new management team that despises its employees and views everyone with a combination of disdain and contempt. Major shareholders as conflicted as to their expectations for the company. No alignment between senior management and shareholders.Very challenging, interesting product in a global marketplace.Lack of alignment between management and shareholders make employees miserable"

customer service rep (Former Employee) says

"I can't give a positive review so I won't give one at all. I met some very nice people that worked very hard with little to no reward."

Sr. Manager, Enterprise Procurement (Head) says

"Overall, the company overworks their people and does not appreciate the employees. You never know when your number is up and your job will be gone. This is not a company for women in business. Their is a male dominance throughout."

Procurement and Subcontracts Docbase Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management failed to support working staff, safety and correctness were secondary to profit and appearances. Rampant sex and age discrimination, right up to the top level, HR really non functioning. I was old enough to ignore all this and just get my job done, but things could have been so much better. I very much enjoyed the work I did, and many of the folks I worked with, and we all just tolerated the poor management and did the best we could. It was sad.Pay was fairManagement was terrible"

Michael Bernard says

"Purchased a flat screen, it lasted under two years and prior to crapping out it'd shut off by itself finally one morning I go to turn it on and all I get is audio. Screen was completely dead, black, off...get it lol anyways stay away from Westinghouse electronics."

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